Our Activities

LWB strives to convey a very open and modern view of the library, at the crossroads of learning centers, fab-labs and co-working spaces. New generation libraries serve as true incubators of ideas and social projects serving the most vulnerable communities.

Our Areas of Intervention

Through its cross-cutting work to strengthen the capacity of vulnerable actors and populations around the world, LWB encompasses 3 main areas of work:

Set up a library in a rural zone in Africa and you will improve education. But more unexpectedly, you will also positively impact maternal and infant mortality rates by better allowing mothers to be informed about the risks related to hygiene and nutrition. You will also see an improvement in crop yields and agricultural income thanks to documentary resources and access to the Internet that allow farmers to follow the prices of their products on the national and international markets. Everywhere, libraries participate in the success of the Sustainable Development Goals.
Jérémy Lachal, Directeur de BSF

LWB, creating high-impacting tools

The research and development of innovative tools is in the DNA of Libraries Without Borders. Find all of our tools below.