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Cameroon is a model representative of Africa and its problems of resource and education but an access to information is limited. So, LWB has supported agents of education whether they are state actors or non-state actors in this country.


With a literacy rate of 70-80%, and only 11% of the population having access to internet, Cameroon is a model representative of Africa and its problems of resource and education.  Access to information is limited.  Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, is home to 3 million people, yet very view libraries.  The existing libraries are visited in majority by students or those who are literate and come from privileged backgrounds.     

Our approach

In Cameroon, LWB has supported agents of education whether they are state actors (public reading centers) or non-state actors (CLAC).  The BSF Campus Program has also trained and supported dozens of young leaders who have even become local agents of education.

What we do

From September 2015 to October 2016, 33 project leaders below the age of 35 from Senegal, the Ivory Coast, and Cameroon were trained by BSF to develop their leadership capabilities, advocacy and innovative skills.  They participated in four workshops of reflection and one week of leadership training led by national and international experts.

Photo Jeunes Leaders Cameroun avec mugs BSF Campus

LWB supports CLAC of Yaounde, one of the main cultural centers of Cameroon.  The CLAC of Yaounde is situated in Mimboman, the most popular quarter of the capital city.  Since 2011, LWB has intervened alongside CLAC to support development of a bookbinding workshop, staff training and book promoting dialogue.  In 2012, thanks to the support of LWB, CLAC tripled its outreach, permitting them to have a collection of nearly 10,000 books, a KoomBook, a toy library, and a Bookmobile.  The bookmobile, known as the Street CLAC, began operating in February 2016.

Since Janaury 2017, thanks to the Street CLAC framework, young leaders are accompanied and coached through workshops, meetings and field visits in order to develop their skills, refine their projects and understand their respective markets.

Photo du bibliobus Street CLAC dans les rues de Yaoundé au Cameroun

LWB also worked with the Ministry of Arts and Culture in 2016 for the implementation of a bookmobile. Equipped with more than 2,000 books and tablettes, the bookmobile circulates through the peripheral zones of Yaounde. Later that year, in May, two weeks of library training, project management, and cataloging were offered by two LWB experts from the Center for Public Reading.  Since the end of 2016, these LWB representatives have managed the Cameroon bookmobile.

Photo d'une femme passant devant le bibliobus à Yaoundé



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