The ultra-light and autonomous digital library providing access to educational resources without Internet.

After the worldwide innovation of the Ideas Box, Libraries Without Borders (LWB) has created the KoomBook: the digital library of the future. Both autonomous and ultra-portable, the KoomBook works without an internet connection to spread knowledge and information in even the most remote locations.

The KoomBook, roughly the size of a book, creates a wi-fi hotspot on which users can connect with their smartphones, tablets or computers to access thousands of educational, cultural and training resources. The KoomBook can also be hooked up to a television or video projector for group activities.

Placed in a library, school, rural medical facility or even at home, the KoomBook can allow up to 20 simultaneous users to connect at the same time and can share information in many formats such as text, audio, video and online classes. Once connected to the internet, the KoomBook automatically uploads all the content that was created offline.

How does it work?

The KoomBook emits a close-range Wi-fi signal.

Users can connect to the Wi-fi via their telephone, tablet or computer.

Users easily navigate the server through any existing web browser.

Users can browse content as well as download and upload their own content to be shared.

When the KoomBook is connected to the internet, it updates all locally created content to the cloud.

Just like the Ideas Box, the Koombook, uses the IdeasCube platform. This interface makes it possible to browse the contents and the applications pre-loaded into the Koombook. It also allows the administration of the nano-server and its synchronization when it is connected to the Internet.

The Koombook is an open project!

Join the GitHub community and learn how to build your own Koombook with the online guide.



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