Our team

Libraries without Borders' staff now counts over 75 people, mostly in France but also in Burundi, Jordan and in the US. Project managers, office managers, librarians, trainers, communications officers, logistics experts, DIYers, dreamers... They are the beating heart of Libraries Without Borders.

United States

General Director at Libraries Without Borders

Allister Chang

Director of Communications and Advocacy

Katherine Karmen Trujillo


General Direction

General Director

Jérémy Lachal

Co-founder of Bibliothèques Sans Frontières

Mission Officer to the General Director

Thomas Pascal


Operations Director

Diana Puyo

Deputy director

Thomas Lebreuil

Desk Education & Culture in France and Belgium

Desk Manager

Enora Hamon

Program Manager “Ecole du Code”

Aliocha Cordier

Code Travelers Support – Belgium

Lamine Balde

Ideas Box Project Officer – Marseille

Aurélie Da Silva Laurentino

Code Travelers Project Officer

Chloé Laurent

Training Officer

Robinson Lucas

Project Officer Ille et Vilaine

Léa Maris

Project Officer France

Laurine Pierre

Ideas Box Project Officer

Violine Quevillard

Susie Naval-Larregola

Thomas Rosenthal

Aurélien Grange

Logistics base (Epône) - Desk Education & Culture in France and Belgium

Logistics base Manager

Corentin Poirret


Khadija Aït Abdallah

Logistics Assistant

Issam Mouhssine

Technical services Assistant

Patrice Lepic

Logistics Assistant

François Massonnet

Belgium - Desk Education & Culture in France and Belgium

Animator / Trainer

Averill Roy

Chloé Roy

Desk Social entrepreneurship & education in Africa and Australia

Desk Manager

Emilie Deschamps

Project Officer

Prisca Berroche

Projects Support

Lucile Poli

Desk Emergencies & post-conflict situations

Regional Manager Europe

Julie Dirheimer

Programs Coordinator

Justine Evrard

International projects Officer

Romain Pignard

Ideas Box Project Officer – Grande Synthe

Cassandre Van Der Have

Solenne BURTZ

Desk Peace construction

Desk Manager

Marie Pessiot

Project Officer

Alexia Ceccherini

Project Officer

Yoann Vincent

Project Officer

Jeanne Reig

Project Officer

Marine Tous-Lion

Project Officer

Romain Berthier

Education, resources and training

Resources, education and training Director

Muy-Cheng Peich

Catalyst / Communities Officer

Félix Assouly

Training Engineer

Camille Laurent

Resources curation Officer

Laurie Decaillon

Librarian Engineer

Élodie Arroyo

Ressources Creator

Marie-Caroline Griès

Ressources Coordinator and Creator

Quentin Louisiade

Resources Creation Project Manager

Stéphane Moutier

Digital and logistics

Director for digital and tools

Grégoire Pouget

#Internet and #politics, with pieces of #hacktivism. Cuts #onions sometimes. The answer is 42.

Digital program Manager

Steven Wallimann

Internal computing Officer

Hawa Bah

Digital project Manager

Thomas Faucher

Digital project Manager

Florian Heslouin

Purchases and logistics Manager

Abel Sollier

Finances, administration and human resources

Administration, finances and human ressources Director

Xavier Demanche

Administrative Assistant

Kahina Abchiche

Recruiting and Training Officer

Patricia NGandeu

Administrative Assistant

Claire Renard

Accounting Assistant

Angèles Segura

Development and partnerships

Partnerships Director

Barnabé Louche

Development Director

Barbara Schack

Partnerships and fundraising Manager

Olivia Lilette


Communications Director

Cécile Génot

Bringing to light people, projects and stories that build LWB. #Words and #pictures power.

Digital Communication Manager

Amandine Thébault

Events and international communication Officer

Javier Bermudez

#Events and #apéros specialist. A lo #cubano.

Graphic designer

Manuella Bitor

In the field

Burundi office

Regional Coordinator

Benjamin Gausset

Assistant Regional Coordinator

Floriane Dumoulin


Jeanine Ndayishimiye

Projects Coordinator

Maurice Mayimbikiza


Justin Ndayikeze

Logistician – Driver

Hypax Irakoze

Administrative Assistant

Berthine Ndayishimiye

Projects Assistant

Rébecca Nindorera

Digital Projects Technician

Innocent Iciragiye


Michel Ndiwenumuryango