Khan Academy

Already more than 1.5 million French-speaking users of this incredible digital learning platform, adapted in French by Libraries Without Borders.

In September 2013, Libraries Without Borders launched the French adaptation of the Khan Academy, the first digital learning platform in the world. More than 5.000 quality educational videos in mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry and medicine for students from primary school to university have been translated.

With more than 10 million monthly users, the Khan Academy is the most widely acclaimed online learning platform in the world. Its more than 100,000 exercises, 4,500 quality educational videos and tailor-made tools for accompanying students on an individual basis make it a formidable tool for reinforcing the quality of education everywhere.

By translating and adapting the Khan Academy into French and making it available throughout the French-speaking world, Libraries Without Borders aims to provide a major response to the challenge of education for all.

Freely accessible online, Khan Academy allows everybody—young and old—to learn or re-learn math, physics, and biology. It is a source of tutoring for those who need training or are reviewing for an exam. Khan Academy can also be used in a school framework.

In an educational context where dropping out of school and social inequality is particularly strong, this innovative tool opens new opportunities to help students stay in school. Implemented in class, this program allows teachers to follow the progression of their students in real-time and thus enables them to immediately detect any topics that need to be reviewed. With regards to fully implementing effective learning, Khan Academy equally responds to the issue of heterogeneity levels. Teachers will be able to define for each of their students’ personal objectives in order to allow each student to progress at his or her own level. Beyond school hours, this learning platform constitutes a high-quality tool that is easy for parents and other school support associations to take charge of.

Khan Academy has been translated in Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, and Qatar. In France, LWB is the official partner of the project and is supported by the Orange Foundation. The videos offered by LWB were made by young teachers or doctorates and were validated by a committee of teachers and world professionals in flip teaching and numeracy.

Since 2014, LWB has been experimenting with Khan Academy in a dozen classes in elementary schools and high schools all across France. LWB has also been conducting pilot deployment projects in libraries in Francophone Africa (e.g. the Reading and Cultural Activities Centre of Yaoundé in Cameroon).

By launching Khan Academy in French, Libraries Without Borders wishes to further the access to knowledge for the masses, both youth and old, in France and in the rest of the world.
Patrick Weil, LWB Chairman


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