BSF Campus

The free e-learning platform for French-speaking librarians.

The training of librarians and cultural entrepreneurs is a key to the success of libraries as agents of development and social transformation.

In response to the structural need to strengthen the capacity of librarians in the French-speaking world, Libraries Without Borders has created a free and open training platform that uses the latest innovations in teaching and technology. BSF Campus is the first 100% free and interactive training platform for French-speaking librarians.

+ than 10 hours of video content

BSF Campus uses the “live sketching” process: a voice off, rather than a professor,  explains the concepts while a hand draws, in real time, the elements of the lesson.

100 lessons organized in 6 courses.

Librarianship, cultural mediation, ITCs and driving innovation, project management, advocacy, and evaluation and impact assessment are some of the subjects discussed.

Training and certification

For each lesson, exercises allow students to train themselves before passing an exam that will validate their course.


The platform allows tutors to accompany learners by following their progress and suggesting lessons to be revised.

Free of charge and ad-free! 

LWB offers the BSFCampus platform free of charge and in the Creative Commons format thanks to the crucial support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Available offline!

For those without an Internet connexion, LWB will distribute the BSFCampus platform on its KoomBook nano-servers.

The BSF Campus Young Leaders program

BSF Campus is also a methodology for accompanying and incubating innovative library projects over 12-24 months. The first cohort brought together 34 young leaders from Cameroon, Senegal and Ivory Coast in 2015-16.

3 countries, 34 leaders

34 young leadears were selected in 3 countries: Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Senegal.

15 month-long training session

In each of the 3 countries, 4 week-long brainstorming and training workshops were carried out all along the duration of the program (the equivalent of 120 hours of training between June 2015 and August 2016).

Social impact at the heart of the process

The program aims to create a new generation of librarians and cultural entrepreneurs who can make their voices heard and carry projects with a strong social impact at the heart of their structures.

High-quality personal initiatives

The 34 young leaders are accompanied between the workshops in the design and conception of their personal projects.


-> Meet the young leaders and their projects.


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