In partnership with the Colombian Ministry of Culture, LWB will implement cultural programs in the isolated and rural areas of Colombia to support peacebuilding with ex-FARC.

LWB has partnered with TV5 Monde and the French Embassy in Burundi to set up four Koombooks in the small East African nation.

Libraries Without Borders launches its Board of Advisors program today, an initiative to engage librarians and incorporate best practices for libraries in LWB programs.

At Google Zeitgeist, which took place on 23 and 24 May, LWB was able to exchange ideas around the Ideas Box with actress Cate Blanchett and human rights lawyer Amal Clooney.

LWB teamed up with the volunteer organization Mapfugees for two weeks to implement a participatory cartography program at the Grande-Synthe refugee camp to make access to the facilities at the camp easier for those living there.

Since being launched in early 2014, the Ideas Box has helped respond to the challenge of access to information, culture and education for refugee and vulnerable populations throughout the world.

LWB implements an Ideas Box in Senegal for street children in collaboration with Senegalese nonprofit Future au Présent and with the support of the UEFA Foundation.

Libraries Without Borders launches, with support from, the deployment of the Ideas Box in Europe for refugee and migrant populations.

Rachel Rappport, a senior at Tufts University is now interning with LWB in the Boston area.

Patrick Weil, Founder of Libraries Without Borders, will give the keynote address at the “Libraries for the Future: Networking Beyond Boundaries” gathering at Smith College later this month.