Projects - 21 July 2016

The KoomBook implemented in cultural centers in Burundi

In late May 2016, LWB, in collaboration with TV5 Monde and the French Embassy in Burundi, implemented four KoomBook kits in cultural spaces in the capital, Bujumbura and elsewhere.

The arrival of the KoomBook will help revitalize the work already being undertaken in these centers where people come to learn French and connect to the world by providing new and quality contents suited to different audiences. As a result, the TV5 Monde cultural spaces will become the must-go to places to learn about new technologies and digital affairs in Burundi.

The KoomBook will be used by very different publics, ranging from middle and high school students and their teachers, to academia (both students and professors), as well as public servants from different departments.

In order to ensure the success of the project, two-day long technical training sessions were carried out in each of the four cultural spaces. The KoomBook kits were set up following the training sessions and the first tests ran without a glitch!

The KoomBook represents a great tool for bridging the existing digital gap between several cultural institutions and schools. By providing access to a wide variety of up to date digital content (videos, ebooks, maps, Khan Academy, Wikipedia offline, etc.), it can open new horizons for users who up to now had been accustomed to paper books only and had not had the chance to profit from all the advantages that digital can offer in matters of information and training.