Medias - 27 March 2018


When Augustin Trapenard doesn’t wake up his guests on France Inter’s Boomerang, he’s either having fun building a portable library with the writer Paul Auster on his literary show 21 cm or discussing the seventh art and long shots in Le Cercle on Canal +.

From now on, Augustin Trapenard is lending a hand to write a new page in the life of Bibliothèques Sans Frontières: the cultural journalist is becoming the organization’s new Goodwill Ambassador !

For me, litterature is without borders. To commit to Bibliothèques Sans Frontières gives me great pride. I had heard about it for a long time, and I really admired its values and all that it could embody. I also have enormous respect for the work of Patrick Weil, president of the organization.

I have always seen my connection with books through sharing. For me, it’s very important to share this joy of reading and enrichment that I benefited from, this portal to others. I realize that I would have never opened myself to other profiles other than my own if I hadn’t read. I would have stayed in my own world. The book has this virtue of constantly opening you up to other lives. To lives other than my own.

A Goodwill Ambassador is someone who shares values. Who can talk with other words, perhaps less technical. Not for sharing a good word, because it’s not in this way that I consider culture, or I’d mock myself. But to share this spirit of openness and curiosity. I am very happy to learn and see how Bibliothèques Sans Frontières functions. To go and see as many projects as possible in the field excites me so much, in Jordan or in Calais. It’s also that, from this moment forth I will be able to better talk about it; now I’m still in the learning phase. And always very touched by this request.”

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