Medias - 13 October 2022

BSF and UN join forces against conflict-related sexual violence

Paris, 13 October 2022. Today in Paris, Pramila Patten, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict, and Patrick Weil, President and Founder of Bibliothèques Sans Frontières, broke new ground with the announcement of a partnership through a Framework of Cooperation.

The main focus of this partnership will be the deployment of modern technologies in implementing innovative initiatives in support of survivors of conflict-related sexual violence, their families, and communities. Bibliothèques Sans Frontières’ «Ideas Box» is a transformational mobile multimedia centre that can serve as a safe space for creativity, innovation, and healing. The Ideas Box, when properly equipped, has the potential to provide a wide range of support services encompassing holistic care for survivors and communities ranging from mental health services and psychosocial support to legal support, educational activities, and vocational training.

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“Bibliothèques Sans Frontières, will, through its innovative tools, support the Office of the Special Representative in its efforts to prevent and respond to conflict-related sexual violence with a survivor-centered approach.” Pramila Patten, UN Special Representative.

“This partnership honors and commits us. It is intolerable to see the extent to which sexual violence persists in conflicts around the world. We are determined to put all of our expertise at the service of this urgent and necessary fight.” Patrick Weil, President and Founder of Bibliothèques Sans Frontières.

The Office of the UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict and Bibliothèques Sans Frontières look forward to bringing together their respective knowledge and expertise to collaborate on targeted solutions for war’s oldest crime.

If you wish to know more and join this fight, please contact
Émilie Bourgey, BSF’s Head of partnerships and development:

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These photographs are for illustrative purposes only. The people in the photos are not necessarily victims of sexual violence.