- 30 November 2016

The first digital university library in Haiti


While 11 of the 12 libraries of the State University of Haiti in Port-au-Prince were seriously damaged during the 12th January 2010 earthquake and remained inaccessible for years after the catastrophe, an academic digital library opened in the meantime. This new 100 square meter building, located right in the center of the city, within the UEH Science department, was constructed to withstand both seismic and cyclonic activities. It offers to students, researchers and professors 80 computers equipped with broadband Internet access.

Thanks to the support of the University of French West Indies and Guiana and 20 online editors’ partners, millions of worldwide excellent academic resources will be available online to the 15,000 UEH’s students as well as the university staff, including e-books, joint publications and academic periodicals. The digital library will also support documentary research training as well as the development of new technologies of information and communication within the university


  • Construction of the 100m2 building that will house the digital library
  • Equiping the library with computers and setting up an Internet connection
  • Training over 80 librarians from the State University of Haiti


  • Allow Haitian students, professors and researchers to have access to quality documentary resources through the digital library.


The 15,000 UEH’s students, researchers and professors


Financial partners

Executive partners