- 7 April 2017

Ideas Box: improving conditions for street children in Ziguinchor

Photo de filles a une projection de film dans la MDE de FAP au Senegal


The extreme poverty of entire minority populations, tied to the chronic instability of the area, has lead to a rural out-migration to the main city of the region: Ziguinchor. The newly arrived populations settle in already overcrowded neighborhoods that have little access to basic educational and social services.


On April 20, 2016, the first Ideas Box in Senegal launched in Dakar. Following its inauguration, it was brought to Ziguinchor to be deployed for street children and child workers in partnership with the Franco-Senegalese non-profit, Futur au Présent.

From May to October, a total of 271 activities that were offered: reading, theater, singing, and writing workshops, as well as academic support, educational exercises, film and documentary projections amongst others. In total, the Ideas Box totaled 5549 users.


Children lacking access to school in Ziguinchor (South Senegal).


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