- 8 March 2017

Khan Academy: Learning in Sciences for Everyone, for Free

Photo d'enfants avec des ordinateurs travaillant sur la Khan Academy


The Khan Academy is the first interactive online learning platform of its kind with more than 15 million users worldwide. Known for its short video lessons on a blackboard, it offers personalized educational courses, customized according to the level of its users.

Adapted into French by the Libraries Without Borders under the supervision of a scientific committee composed of scholars and specialists in education, the platform is entirely free and already scores more than 2 million users in France.

In France, LWB provides support to other educational organizations (scholarly establishments, tutoring centers, etc.) in getting acquainted with the platform. Since 2016, the main challenge for LWB in France was to introduce and expand the use use of the platform in underserved neighborhoods.


  • Users in France
  • The users in all the sectors of education: formal (elementary, middle, and high schools, along with institutions of higher learning) and non-formal (tutoring centers, libraries, local educational support centers, etc.)


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