- 20 February 2017

Libraries for At-Risk Youth in Antananarivo


The Graines de Bitume Association has created two centers for the street children of Antananarivo. The objective of these spaces is to promote education among these children and help them to choose a career.

The creation of library spaces is part of the centers’ educational approach and responds to the following requirements:

  • Encouraging school attendance and training among these young people in the best conditions.
  • Participating in their cultural enrichment.


  • Promotion of reading among young people in Madagascar.
  • Assisting the reintegration of at-risk young Madagascans.
  • Supporting the local book supply chain and the local initiatives in the area of education and access to books via the training program.


  • Targeted collection and delivery of 2500 books.
  • Purchase of 200 books published in Madagascar.
  • Donation of library and computer material.
  • Computerization of catalogs and creation of a network joining the two libraries.
  • Training of library staff in how to run a library.


  • The street children of Antananarivo who frequent the Graines de Bitume Association (around 200 young people in 2009) and their families.
  • Library staff and volunteers.


Graines de Bitume Association