- 7 April 2017

My Online Backpack: Allowing Hospitalized Children to Stay on Track

Photo du cartable


In France, about 2 million children younger than 18 years old are hospitalized each year. Regardless of the duration of their stay, their illness separates the children from their school, class, and classmates. This results in a double discrimination for the child.


My Online Backpack is a revolutionary backpack that recreates a link between the hospitalized child and his school. It’s an all-in-one kit that can be installed in few minutes and automatically connects itself to the Internet. From his hospital room, the pupil can attend courses and interact with his class.

Prototyped by the LWB team and tested in Parisian hospitals and schools to optimize its design, functions, and efficiency, the device is now in its second version. This new version of the backpack will be tested in the upcoming months in two schools located in Paris and Nice.

Cette nouvelle version du cartable sera testée dans les prochains mois, en partenariat avec l’IGR, dans deux établissements scolaires de la région parisienne et à Nice (avec la Fondation Lenval).


Hospitalized children


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