- 23 November 2016

Story Boxes – library kits for children affected by the 2010 earthquake


After Haiti’s tragic earthquake, more than a million people took shelter in tents at refugee camps in the metropolitan center of Port-au-Prince. The education of children has gradually resumed in the refugee camps and it quickly became essential to offer these refugee children the necessary supplies to help them in their schooling. In addition, the resumption of these structured activities has helped Haitians cope with their grieving.

It was under these circumstances that UNICEF called upon LWB to design and create 300 library kits known as “Story Boxes” to be deployed in the camps in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince. Each kit consisted of a trunk of 100 books in French and Haitian Creole, accompanied by activity equipment and an activities guide, combining both educational and recreational activities for children.


The primary objective of these mobile libraries was to facilitate literacy and to allow the children access to reading activities. These Story Boxes offered cultural and educational activities designed to help kids discover the concept of “pleasure reading” and overcome the traumatic experiences they had from the earthquake.


Children living in the 300 UNICEF-installed camp playgrounds in areas affected by the earthquake


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