- 22 November 2016

Strengthening the capacities of the African Great Lakes Interuniversity library network (RIGL)


The RIGL is a young and developing network that links 24 universities in Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda. The sustainability of this network relies on the standardization of governance practices but also on educational content and information resources.


  • Standardization of practices in regards to the management of information and of documentary resources
  • Promotion of interuniversity research that standardizes indexing and cataloging practices and allows for the establishment of a communal collection catalogue
  • The elevation of librarians’ abilities by promoting the exchange of good practices and knowledge
  • The promotion of academic excellence at the university level by pooling documentary funds and by proposing resources that are rich, varied and complementary within the network

Librairies Without Borders will oversee the structuring of this network by organizing a training seminar for the head librarians of member universities.  This seminar will allow librarians from 24 universities to gather, to learn of work opportunities within the network and to develop frameworks together.

Apart from the standardization of governance procedures, the sustainability of this network requires centers in all countries to reinforce student exchanges between the three countries.  Along with the implementation of these courses of excellence, LWB will join forces with its partner universities in order to develop the centers of specialized documentary resources in the concerned domains.


  • To develop training capacities, research and access to documentary resources within RIGL
  • To develop access to documentary resources that support the area of excellence.
  • To ensure the training of RIGL library directors in preparation for the creation of a network of RIGL university libraries.


  • 3 documentary resource centers were created in connection with the area of excellence chosen by RIGL.
  • A training seminar was organized in preparation for the creation of a network of Great Lakes university librairies.


  • The RIGL university library personnel who benefited from training and networking of their librairies.
  • The 150,000 students and the lecturers/researchers at the 24 RIGL member universities who benefited from better access to resources and to information.


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