- 20 February 2017

Supporting the Creation of Six Small Libraries in Antsohihy


Many students attend the schools of the Antsohihy region of northwest Madagascar. Supported by the Madagascar Mutual Aid Association, these schools presently service 1102 primary and 1150 secondary school pupils in Antsohihy. They are distributed as follows: 710 pupils at three sites in Analalava, 2100 pupils in Bealanana and 180 pupils in Antaimoara.

These establishments desperately lack the material and books needed to respond to the pedagogical needs of teachers and students alike.

LWB has supported the creation of small school libraries in these establishments through the targeted donation of books and by training the teachers responsible for running the libraries.


  • To encourage access to education and training.
  • To support the development of reading among young people in Madagascar.
  • To support the organization of the Malagasy book supply chain.


  • Targeted collection and contribution of 2500 books.
  • Purchase of Malagasy books on site.
  • Provision of library materials and equipment.
  • Training of the library staff.


The 5242 pupils in the school network of the Antsohihy region.


Madagascar Mutual Aid Association