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Press releases

Photo d'un enfant dans une laverie à Détroit

In Detroit, Libraries on the Ruins of the American Dream

Projects - 19 April 2018
Photo d'Anna auprès des réfugiés rohingya

“A positive future for rohingya refugees is hard to imagine”

Projects - 7 September 2018

The Exile of an Iranian Family

Projects - 10 January 2018

Cate Blanchett and Amal Clooney discover the Ideas Box in London

Events - 24 May 2016
Photo de réfugiés en Jordanie

20th of June : Bibliothèques Sans Frontières is #withRefugees

Events - 19 June 2018

Detroit Residents Come Together for Free Laundry Day

Events - 31 October 2017
Picture of the first Ideas Box users in Senegal

An Ideas Box for street children in Senegal

Projects - 29 April 2016


Medias - 27 March 2018
Photo de Shahab Rassouli

The “Miserable”, a story by Shahab Rassouli

Medias - 20 June 2018
Visite de l'Ideas Box à Bogota le 23 janvier 2017 par le Président de la République colombienne, Juan Manuel Santos, et le Président de la République française, François Hollande. Crédit photo : Efraín Herrera - SIG - SIG

Libraries Without Borders is engaged in peacebuilding efforts in Colombia

Projects - 24 January 2017

Libraries Without Borders Named Finalist of Roddenberry Prize

Events, Projects - 8 February 2017

New Ideas Box program in Colombia unveiled at the Clinton Global Initiative

Projects - 22 September 2016
Attente des Rohingya dans le camp

Rohingya Refugees : Folktales and Maps

Projects - 20 February 2019
Atelier lecture avec Mots & Merveilles

« Illiteracy is Silent »

Projects - 19 September 2018

Libraries Without Borders Wins Open Education Creative Innovation Award

Events, Medias, Projects - 27 February 2017
Photo d'un enfant dans le camp de réfugiés au Bangladesh


Projects - 24 August 2018

Libraries Without Borders Chosen for Humanitarian Education Accelerator!

Events, Medias, Projects - 22 February 2017
Photo de Kaila, traductrice bénévole

Kaila : ‘The library is a place of empowerment that everyone deserves to call home.’

Medias - 29 June 2018

The KoomBook implemented in cultural centers in Burundi

Projects - 21 July 2016
Photo d'enfants lisant par terre dans l'Ideas Box


Projects - 5 June 2018
Atelier photo en Colombie

Colombia: An Ideas Box with Venezuelan refugees

Projects - 3 July 2019

“I pray that our president lets me stay in the US”

Projects - 23 October 2018
Photo d'Allister Chang devant une étagère de livres

Allister Chang : Libraries Without Borders’ New Executive Director

Events - 16 October 2014
Photo de l'équipe de BSF avec Patrick Kanner

LWB Wins the Google Impact Challenge!

Events - 9 October 2015
Photo d'une Ideas Box portée par les Colombiens

Building Peace through Libraries in Colombia

Projects - 20 December 2017

Radio France is getting involved with Bibliotheques Sans Frontieres

Events - 27 March 2018
Photo d'Emily Mortimer, nouvelle ambassadrice de BSF


Medias - 20 June 2019
Les participants de la formation KoomBook à Bangui.

Eight KoomBooks implemented in learning facilities in Central African Republic

Projects - 29 November 2017

Burundi : Ideas Box is 6!

Projects - 5 March 2020
Legal education in US

“We don’t have to stay within the walls of the library at all”

Projects - 23 October 2018
Visuel 2 millions d'utilisateurs de la Khan Academy francophone

Khan Academy in french has reached 2 million users!

Projects - 17 March 2017
Photo de Axelle Lemaire, Patrice Bessac et Jeremy Lachal à Montreuil

LWB in France launches Codeweek in Europe with the Minister of Digital Affairs !

Events - 15 October 2015

Libraries Without Borders’ Inaugural Committee of Advisors

Events, Medias, Projects - 20 February 2017

Libraries Without Borders launches BSF Campus !

Projects - 3 November 2015
Photo d'un enfant de Porto Rico

After the Maria hurricane, the resilience of the inhabitants of Puerto Rico

Projects - 13 June 2019

Rebuilding the Future with the Ideas Box: The Story of Consolata

Medias - 25 January 2018

Support E-Libraries in Post-Earthquake Ecuador

Projects - 28 March 2017
Photo d'un jeune homme sur une tablette

“I had started living a life without dreaming”

Projects - 13 June 2019
Picture of children of the Mapoon aboriginal community playing with an Ideas box

Ideas Box in Australia

Projects - 28 July 2015

Libraries Without Borders Announces the Legal Literacy Advisory Board

Projects - 13 September 2017
Photo d'enfants qui lisent au CLAC de Yaoundé au Cameroun

10 year anniversary for Cameroon’s Center for cultural activities

Projects - 6 April 2017
Photo de l'Ideas Box à Marseille

4 years of the Ideas Box, 1 million users throughout the world

Medias - 21 March 2018
Picture of Michelle Obama and two young women in front of the Ideas Box

Michelle Obama discovers the Ideas Box at the WISE !

Events - 12 November 2015
Photo de groupe devant la bibliothèque de Batase au Népal

In Nepal, a Library Fights Against Human Trafficking

Projects - 6 March 2019
Picture of Allister Chnag presenting the Ideas Box in Detroit

The Ideas Box now in Detroit !

Projects - 2 December 2015
Photo de couverture du rapport annuel

The 2017 annual report is out !

Medias - 25 July 2018
Photo d'herbergés d'urgence en gymnase jouant

Four Years of the Ideas Box

Projects - 15 January 2018

Libraries Without Borders Honored At 2018 Elastic Cause Awards

Events - 28 February 2018
Picture of a boy doing Khan Academy exercises on a computer

Libraries Without Borders joins the INCO Program

Medias - 3 June 2020
Burundi, 2019

Burundi : “The Street Has not Always Been My Home”

Medias - 3 March 2020
Photo de jeunes qui jouent sur l'Ideas Box

Re-Imagining the Role of Libraries in Calais

Medias - 15 January 2018
Photo d'une jeune jordanienne dans l'Ideas Box

New Ways of Learning for Drop-Out Students in Jordan

Projects - 3 April 2019
Photo de Colombiens qui jouent au Jenga


Projects - 5 September 2018
Photographique d'Ousman à Palerme

Ansou in Palermo: “When someone helps you, you want to thank him in return”

Projects - 25 July 2018
Photo de Philippe Starck devant l'Ideas Box


Medias - 11 June 2018
Photo des premiers utilisateurs de l'Ideas Box au Sénégal

Homeless Youth in Senegal Find Solace in the Ideas Box

Projects - 5 February 2018

From Libraries to Laundromats: Learning in Non-Traditional Spaces in Detroit

Events, Projects - 18 July 2017

The Legal Literacy Initiative in Washington, DC

Projects - 13 September 2017

Bringing College-Level Classes to Congolese Refugees through Coursera

Medias, Projects - 22 January 2018

“Wash & Learn”: Creating Pop-Up Learning Spaces in Laundromats in the Bronx

Events, Projects - 17 July 2017

The Future is Offline Pitch Session at Solve Challenge Finals 2019

Medias - 3 June 2020
Photo d'enfants qui lisent a cote d'une bibliomoto à Haiti

BSF helps finance a motorcycle library project in Haiti

Projects - 31 March 2017
Photo de réfugiés dans le camp de Grande-Synthe en France

Maps for the Refugees at Grande-Synthe Camp

Projects - 4 September 2016

Press briefings

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