Events - 28 February 2018

Libraries Without Borders Honored At 2018 Elastic Cause Awards

Libraries Without Borders is excited to announce that we are a 2018 Elastic Cause Award honoree! The Elastic Cause Awards, which took place at the Elastic{ON} opening keynote address in San Francisco on February 27, 2018, recognized LWB as one of four organizations whose projects “push the boundaries of Elastic software to improve the world”.

In a press release for the awards, Elastic kindly wrote:

“Libraries Without Borders facilitates free, open access to information and education, equipping vulnerable communities around the world with the tools and skills to learn and to thrive. The organization is rolling out digital libraries (KoomBook) as well as portable, ‘pop up’ digital media centers (Ideas Box) that provide educational and cultural resources to communities in need, including refugees and displaced persons in camps around the globe and underserved communities in developed countries. Log analysis and dashboards delivered through the Elastic Stack provide instantaneous insight into digital resource usage and users’ browsing habits and interests, enabling the organization to more effectively assess impact and relevance, and improve the user experience.

‘The Elastic Stack’s capacity to process various raw logs while at the same time generating appealing visuals perfectly matches our needs,’ said Steven Walliman, Digital Projects Manager, Bibliothèques Sans Frontières. ‘In providing the IT team with a better view of performance and stability, and librarians with the ability to measure relevance of their choices, the Elastic Stack enhances the impact of our projects. We look forward to deepening the links between our two organizations as we make good on our vision to empower vulnerable populations and transform the lives of millions people around the world.'”

Thank you again, Elastic, for this honor!