Medias - 17 November 2021

BSF opens a new chapter !

A new era is beginning for Libraries Without Borders. After nearly 15 years of activity and projects in more than 50 countries, the organization is giving itself the means to further increase its impact on disenfranchized communities’ access to culture and education, through an ambitious new strategic plan and a renewed brand identity. 

BSF’s new identity is the result of a pro-bono project carried out with the strategic design agency FutureBrand Paris as part of their new ESG engagements. It mobilized the 130 employees of the organization throughout the world, as well as its sponsors, its partners in the field, and its beneficiaries

The project was initiated by a first immersion phase of the agency into the universe of BSF, with the purpose of understanding the stakes and vision of the organization. This resulted into a new brand strategy embodied by a brand platform and an inspiring, impactful signature. FutureBrand Paris then translated this work into a brand-new visual identity aligned with BSF’s new era and that carries its values of optimism, innovation, and engagement.  

The new color and logo embody the liveliness and open-mindedness of an organization as attached to hard copy-books as to the most advanced technologies in the implementation of its projects. While the association’s mandate – to enable all people in under-resourced situations to have access to the cultural and educational resources they need to lead a dignified and fulfilling life – remains unchanged, it is now expressed in a new catchphrase:

“Open knowledge, open possibilities”

The new identity accompanies the NGO’s change of scale planned in the framework of its “Horizon 2030” strategic plan. Through this plan, BSF is willing to accelerate its global development in order increase its impact towards the world it calls for: a world that includes, a world that dialogues, a world that reflects.   

BSF warmly thanks the FutureBrand Paris for their strategic and design thinking that brought to life this new identity!   


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