Photo d'enfants qui lisent a cote d'une bibliomoto à Haiti
Projects - 31 March 2017

BSF helps finance a motorcycle library project in Haiti

Photo of children who read next to a motolibrary in Haiti

The campaign to finance the motorcycle library, Liv Kap Woule in Haiti ended with a great success, with the objective having been achieved and even surpassed thanks to 70 generous donors. The Haitian nonprofit JED, partnered with BSF, managed to collect the 6,000 euros ($6,700) necessary to buy the motorcycle, books and more. The project can now be launched!

A motorcycle library for schools and village squares

The motorcycle library will go from village to village, throughthe mountains in Haiti. It will be used in schools during the week and elsewhere in town on weekends. Along with the help of the motorcycle library, the facilitators from JED will be able to organize workshops ranging from writing to reading and theatre.

Picture of the JED association director holding a sign with « thank you » written above.

A much needed support that galvanized Jed

The JED team would like to express its profound acknowledgement of the generosity, support and confidence that the donors together have given them. A token of appreciation will be sent to all donors to thank them. For Julien, the director of JED and the young people who support him, this represents an additional source of motivation to complete this project in a sustainable and efficient fashion. And for the children of the region where they operate, this project will bring increased reading proficiency and literacy through the diffusion of information and knowledge.


Photo de Axelle Lemaire, Patrice Bessac et Jeremy Lachal à Montreuil

LWB in France launches Codeweek in Europe with the Minister of Digital Affairs !

Events - 15 October 2015
Picture of the first Ideas Box users in Senegal

An Ideas Box for street children in Senegal

Projects - 29 April 2016
Visuel 2 millions d'utilisateurs de la Khan Academy francophone

Khan Academy in french has reached 2 million users!

Projects - 17 March 2017
Photo d'enfants lisant par terre dans l'Ideas Box


Projects - 5 June 2018