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Since 2007, Libraries Without Borders has been collecting books from institutions, publishers and individuals in France. Sorted and referenced by the team and volunteers at our collection center in Épône, they feed our projects and libraries around the world, from refugee camps in Burundi to rural areas in France. In 13 years, 380,000 books have been sent to 30 countries.

More than 30,000 books are referenced in our online catalog, available to LWB’s partner libraries and associations. Others are resold on the second-hand market or during monthly solidarity auctions and help finance our actions.

At the request of the Alexandre Dumas Franco-Georgian School in Batumi, Georgia, Libraries Without Borders selected and sent 1,670 French-language books to enrich the library collections of the city of Batumi. Our objectives? To encourage multilingualism and cultural diversity in the Adjara region and to promote French language and culture.This project has enabled the pupils of the Schools of Batumi and Zougdidi, as well as the students of the State University of Chota Roustaveli, to learn French under in the best possible conditions.

Our Work in Georgia

Francophone Libraries in Batumi, Georgia


Access to Education & Culture

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The Alexandre Dumas Franco-Georgian school in Batumi requested that LWB send it a consignment of francophone books. Libraries in the town of Batumi lacked francophone books, with the only international section at the Batumi Municipal Library entirely consisting of English-language books.

By sending a collection of 1670 francophone books, Libraries Without Borders allowed the students of the Batumi and Zougdidi Schools, as well as those of the State University of Chota Roustaveli, to learn the French language under more favorable conditions.


  • To enrich francophone collections in the town of Batumi.
  • To encourage multi-lingualism and cultural diversity in the region of Adjarie.
  • To promote French language and culture in Georgia via the donation of works in French.


  • The collection and delivery of 1670 books.


  • The Alexandre Dumas Franco-Georgian School (400 students between the ages of 6 and 15).
  • The Batumi Municipal Library.
  • The Chota Roustaveli State University.
  • The Zougdidi (Mingrelie) Franco-Georgian School.
  • French language learners in the Adjarie region.