Dar Al-Ma'mun is a cultural center located in the green valley of Ourika in the outskirts of Marrakesh. It is funded by revenues generated by a complex of adjoining guest houses (Ithaca). The Dar Al-Ma'mun center is a cultural pole attracting several cultural activities such as an exhibition hall, a library of over 20,000 books in Arabic and French, a research center, cultural and educational activities for children and adults, and more.

Our Actions

Libraries Without Borders collaborated with the association Dar Al-Ma’mûn and a young Moroccan patron to create three library spaces at Tasseltant, a village in the valley of Ourika near Marrakech. The majority of the books are locally-purchased works: 70% of the books in the youth library are in Arabic. The books come not only from Morocco, but also from Lebanon, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia. 

The second leg of the project was the support of the construction of a cultural center, including an artists’ residency, exhibition spaces and conference areas, a literary translation site, and a library with 20,000 works in Arabic and in French acquired from donations and local acquisitions. LWB has trained the library staff and provided it with computer equipment and material. Enriched by quality cultural programming, the library – inaugurated at the end of 2011 – also developed many partnerships with neighboring school establishments. 

Finally, in 2019, LWB sent books to the association IMAD for the Youth and Peace for two middle schools and the prison at Oued Laou.