Libraries Without Borders has been supporting libraries and schools in Mali since 2010.

Accompanying Marc Roger on his trip

Marc Roger set out on foot from the city of Saint-Malo, following the paths that lead from the city to the capital of Bamako. He left Saint-Malo on May 31, 2009 and arrived at Bamako in June 2010. Throughout the long journey that separated the two cities, he read novels, poems, and short stories written by African, French, and francophone authors in schools, libraries, bookstores, and especially in schools associated with UNESCO.

This year-long journey allowed the public lecturer to explore France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Mali. In total, he traveled 7,109 km in the company of Babel, his donkey and traveling companion, and gave nearly 130 readings to over 7,850 spectators.

Libraries Without Borders helped Marc Roger by offering 20 suitcases to the libraries, schools, colleges and high schools that he visited in Senegal and Mali. The suitcases, each containing 91 French-language books for a variety of audiences, from children to adults, left our book collection center in March 2010 and arrived in Senegal in May and in Mali in June. They form a small mobile library that will travel to the various schools and libraries of the towns and villages concerned.

In total, our team selected and sent 1,800 French-language works to the schools and libraries visited by Marc. Many works were also purchased from African publishers, specialty bookstores, and the International Alliance of Independent Publishers.

Supporting the Kalaban Coro neighborhood house

The neighborhood house of Kalaban Coro in Bamako opened in December, 2001. It is a joint structure managed by the residents of the neighborhood and coordinated by adolescents, anxious to offer to an audience – essentially made up of children, adolescents, and women – educational and recreational  activities.

A library with more than 3,000 books and 1,500 registered readers opened in the neighborhood house. Accessible to all, it is considered a public library because it is part of the AFLAM project (Support for the Malian book chain). It opens three afternoons a week with the help of temporary student workers trained by the National Center for Public Reading and the French Cultural Center of Bamako.

The library organizes numerous book-related activities and participates in major events such as Lire en Fête, the Semaine de la Francophonie, and the Printemps des poètes. Libraries Without Borders contributed its expertise to the implementation of some of the projects of the neighborhood house and donated 300 children’s and university books to the neighborhood library house of  Kalaban Coro.

Our Work in Mali

Book trunks to assist Marc Roger’ interventions


Education & Cultural Diversity

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Marc Roger left in May 31, 2009 by foot along a meridian running from the French town of Saint-Malo to Bamako, the capital of Mali, reaching his destination in June 2010. Throughout his voyage between the two towns, he read books, poems and stories by French, African and Francophone authors in schools, libraries, bookstores and, in particular, schools associated with the UNESCO network.

This one year voyage allowed the public reader to criss-cross France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal and Mali. Altogether, he travelled more than 7109 km with Babel, his donkey and travel companion, holding nearly 130 readings and reaching more than 7850 listeners.


  • To encourage the emergence of local book supply chains; more than a third of the books were purchased from African publishers.
  • To directly promote the literature of North and West Africa among the library’s public.
  • To support the practice of reading and develop a taste for reading among children and adults in these countries.
  • To promote access to culture and education.


Libraries Without Borders assisted Marc Roger’s interventions by offering 20 trunks to the libraries and schools he visited in Senegal and Mali. Each contained 91 francophone books intended for a mixed public (ages 2-4 to adult). The trunks left the warehouse in March 2010 and arrived in Senegal in May and in Mali in June. They constitute small mobile libraries intended to be sent back and forth between the various schools and libraries of the villages and towns concerned.

  • The targeted donation of more than 1800 francophone books to the schools and libraries visited by Marc Roger in Senegal and Mali.
  • The acquisition of more than a third of the books from African publishers, specialist bookstores and the International Alliance of Independent Publishers.
  • Funding the transport of 20 trunks to Senegal and Mali.


In Mali:

  • 3 elementary schools (in Bamako and Kayes)
  • 1 middle school (Bamako)
  • 1 high school (Bamako)
  • 2 Franco-Malian Alliances  (in Kayes and Mopti)
  • The OMRIB Association – Malian Organization for the Reinforcement of Basic Initiatives (Yélimané)


In Senegal:

  • 8 elementary schools (in Dakar, Donaye Taredji, Gamadji Saré, Guédé, Kidira, Ngawlé and Podor)
  • SOS Children of Kaolack Village


Financial Partners

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Executive Partners

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  • Milan
  • Kaléidoscope
  • Syros Editeur Jeunesse
  • Association of National Museums
  • Noir sur Blanc publishers
  • Gallimard Jeunesse
  • Points
  • L’école des Loisirs
  • Conseil Général de l’Essone
  • French National Commission for UNESCO
  • La Voie des Livres
  • French Embassy in Mali
  • French Embassy in Senegal
  • Association Podor Rive Gauche
  • Didier Jeunesse
  • Albin Michel
Supporting the community education center of Kalaban Coro in Mali


Access to Education & Culture

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The Kalaban Coro Community Center in Bamako opened its doors on December 10th, 2001. It is an associative structure run by residents of the neighborhood eager to offer educational and recreational activities to a public for the most part consisting of children, young people and women.

A library that today contains more than 3000 books and 1400 registered readers has opened within the Community Center. As part of the AFLAM project to support the Malian book network, it is open to all and attached to a public library. It is open three afternoons per week with assistance from 4 student volunteers trained by the National Public Reading Center and the French Cultural Center of Bamako.

The library organizes many book-centered activities and participates in large public events such as “Lire en Fête,” Francophone Week and the “Printemps des poètes.” LWB contributes expertise to these events.


  • To expand the resources available to the Center’s library.
  • To allow the Community Center to attract a larger public via its schedule of events.


  • Contributing expertise to help establish certain Community Center projects.
  • Donating 300 children’s and university-level books to the Kalaban Coro Community Center.


  • The 1400 readers already registered with the library as well as new users.
  • Library personnel involved in organizing new activities.