The resurgence of violence in Iraq since late 2013 has forced more than 2.4 million people to flee, especially towards Iraqi Kurdistan. In 2016, Libraries Without Borders began working in the Internally deplaced people camp (IDP) in Bardarash through the implementation of an Ideas Box.


The expansion of the Islamic State terrorist organization in 2014 displaced many Iraqis.  By 2017, the number of Iraqi refugees exceeded over 3 million.  Often traumatized,Iraqi refugees are equally forced to deal with the absence of education.   

The Bardarash refugee camp in Iraqi Kurdistan hosts nearly 10,000 of those displaced by the Islamic state, fleeing Mossoul and the planes of Ninive.

Our approach

LWB installed two Ideas Boxes in Iraq, one of which in the Bardarash refugee camp in August of 2016.  Driven by Premiere Urgence Internationale (PUE) this Ideas Box was aimed at supporting the psychosocial activities of a variety of humanitarian actors. Just one month after the Ideas Box was installed, more than 400 members of the camp had signed up to use it.  The second Ideas Box was deployed by the Goethe Institute, in partner with Terre des Hommes, toward the end of 2016 in the Debaga refugee camp.

The Ideas Box offers both informative resources and educational material.  These resources/materials permit users to express themselves both individually or in a group, learn languages and better understand computers.

What we do

Destabilized by violence and a largely displaced population, the Syrian civil war and the rise of the Islamic State has severely weakened Iraq. LWB intervened in order to provide resources for those displaced by the conflict, particularly those taking refuge in camps.  After the project was implemented in August 2016, it was finally put to an end in April 2017.  In partner with Oxfam, an NGO, a new project was put in place in August 2017.  An Ideas Box was installed In the Hassan Shams refugee camp in the city of Mossoul, to provide community members with a safe space and to encourage educational and psychosocial activities.



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