In Nicaragua, BSF collaborates with the local non-profit, Nicarali, to implement projects that reinforce the development of libraries in rural areas.

Our Actions

Thanks to the success of a fundraising campaign on the platform Goodeed in 2016, LWB and the Nicarali association set up two Ideas  Cube kits, strengthening the outreach of the library in Chagüitillo, Laguna de Perlas, and the mobile library in the communities of Sébaco. The educational resources of the Ideas Cube,selected by our teams and local partners, meet the needs of different audiences:

  • Young people, for access to online courses;
  • Mothers, for professional training;
  • Teachers, for training and cultural activities;
  • Community members, for content creation and the preservation and transmission of cultural heritage.

LWB has trained several volunteers of the association who are in charge of training the local communities in handling this new tool. Based initially in Chagüitillo, the Nicarali team trained teachers in twelve communities and provided training and awareness directly to students and their parents. The volunteers worked closely with the mobile library team – creating activities and adapting content – to ensure autonomous use of the Ideas Cube after their departure. 

Photo de garçons accédant aux contenus du KoomBook avec une tablette au Nicaragua



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